© 2019 by Jason Steele


Computer - Mac Pro (late 2013) 2.7 GHz 12-Core Intel Xeon E5


Monitors - ADAM A5X with Sub 8

                     - Avantone Mixcube

                     - Apollo twin with Black Lion Audio mod


Guitars - Custom Fender Stratocaster

                 - Custom Epiphone Les Paul

                 - Custom Epihone 335

                 Warwick Corvette Bass

                 - Custom 1954 Fender Precision Bass

                 Guild D30


Mics - AEA R84

           Neumann M147

           - Custom Neumann KM54 replica

           Custom Neumann U47 replica (on the way)


Pre-Amps - Shadow Hills Mono Gamma

                 - Neve 1073

                      - UA 610


Software - Logic Pro X

                    UAD2 Satellite with most of their plugins

                    Kontakt 5 with 1.5TB of orchestra samples, many other drums, bass and                                keys sounds

                    Omnisphere with several cinematic expansion packs 

                    Soundtoys entire collection

                    Lots of other magical little tidbits